Peru has a favorable climate for coffee growing conditions and for the production of Specialty Coffee because it has varied habitats with favorable climate and micro-climates for its cultivation.

The coffee production areas in Peru are located above 1,000 meters above sea level with some areas of production as the Santa Teresa Valley in Cusco coming up to an incredible 2100 of altitude above sea level. Regions as Chanchamayo in Junin, Jaen in Amazonas, Sandia in Puno and Quillabamba in Cusco are among the most traditional coffee production areas in Peru.The varieties offered are Typica, Caturra, Bourbón and Pache, with cup characteristics of good flavor, acidity, body and aroma. In 1997 the Peruvian specialty coffee venture into the international market and the 2.000,130 quintals of production exceeded 60% of which correspond to organic coffee as reported by the National Coffee Board.

Peru actively participates in the world organic coffee market. It is one of the main producers along with Mexico and Papua New Guinea. Peru exports 10% of organic coffee worldwide


The coffee is developed relatively easily from 1100 to 2200 meters above sea level in almost all geographic regions of Peru. However, 75% of coffee is about 1350 meters.

The variety of combinations of climates, soils, rainfall and sunlight is a scenario for the cultivation of productive coffee. The coffees of Peru are Coffea arabica with different profiles of flavor, aroma and acidity. The varieties grown are: Typical (70%), Caturra (20%) and others (10%), 90% of Peru's coffee grows in the shade, mainly pulses, at an average density of 2,000 plants per hectare.

In keeping with current trends, some groups of Peruvian farmers and workers have specialized in organic and other specialty coffees and processing, known for their distinctive profile and features as its cup quality, acidity and balanced flavor that fits very well to the microclimates strict temperature and altitude (1400 - 1800 m).


In 2019 Peru has export a total of 232,829 ton. Is the word’s 9th large coffee producer and among the 5 first world organic coffee producers.
Traditional markets to where Peru exports coffee to are the US, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Canada. Some emerging markets where Peru is begging its exportation are China, India, Malasia and some countries in the middle east and east Europe.

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