Located at the hearth of South America and with excellent regions with impressive high altitudes coffee farms, Bolivia has all the ingredients for becoming the world’s home of excellent coffee. In Bolivia, specialty coffee grows at an altitude of 1600 – 2200 masl. Yungas and the province of Caravani produce 90% of the country’s coffee production and after the 1991 governmental land reform, small coffee farms are now the gross of the country’s majority coffee production.

Bolivia, in comparation with its neighbored countries, does not produce and neither export to much coffee. Bolivian coffees are mainly elegant, delicate, and aromatically sweet, bright with exquisite complexity body. Bolivia has always been a coffee origin with great potential to have unique specialty coffee with unique character. Although, the majority farming been in small scale of coffee production makes of Bolivia a perfect paradise for especial micro lots coffees.

Visiting coffee farms in Bolivia is always a life adventure as the road to the hearth of the country’s coffee production (Yungas) is considered to be the ¨world’s most dangerous road¨ (also known as the death road), which you can travel alone by bus, jeep or simply in a full adrenaline mountain bike adventure.

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