The Arabica coffee plant was first introduced to Costa Rica near the end of the 18th century and since it has grown in country’s Central Valley, an ideal place for planting and growing conditions. The country produces consistently high-quality Arabica beans with compelling flavours of chocolate and ripe fruit. In fact, some say Costa Rican coffees have the best flavor profile in the world. Today Costa Rica is among the 15th largest coffee growing countries in the world (with the world happies coffee farmers – so they say

Costa Rican coffees are generally believed to have some of the best coffee flavour profiles in central America. Coffee grows in high altitudes, and it generally has softly acidity, and it’s defining sensorial tones include a brown sugar sweetness, remarkable citrusy notes, and red fruity flavours.
Coffee beans are carefully selected and picked by hand, this is a practice that involves many generations in constantly developing technic that leads to best brews by allowing beans to fully mature and not rushing any beans developing process.

Most coffee in Costa Rica comes from the caturra coffee varietal which is characterized for been a bright, density and full-bodied coffee. Among other varieties that can be found in Costa Rica are Mondo Novo and Catuai. Recently has been noticed a lot of new planting of Gesha variety across the country.

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